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DIY: Men's Dress Shirt to 2-Piece Ensemble

One of the things that I always like to do is rummage through the men's section of any thrift store. I always seem to find the most interesting t-shirts and in this case, I found a really well made pin striped dress shirt. Like any men's garment, they are too big for me but I grew to like the oversized look on me. For this project, I decided to go for a more tailored look by utilizing most of the dress shirt elements to make a two-piece ensemble. I must say, it got great reviews from friends and I cannot wait to wear it for a fun outdoor event in the future!

Review: Hello Kitty Cafe

Hello Kitty Cafe
93 Spectrum Center Dr
Irvine, CA 92618

Three months ago, Cindy persuaded me to stand in line for the grand opening of the Hello Kitty Cafe. Hoping to not be waiting in the line for ages, we arrived at the cafe three hours before it opened. Unfortunately, being that it was hot out the three hours were torturous. We also realized that they only serve a customer at a time which resulted in us waiting in additional hour despite being fifteenth in line. The tart that I got was not too bad. I did appreciate the Hello Kitty packaging as well as the baked good decorations, but the food (as expected) was pricey and the wait was definitely not worth standing in line for hours. After spending a good few hours at the mall, we realized that another long line formed that wrapped around itself a good five times. It was a good experience, none of the less, but you can definitely find better desserts elsewhere. If you are a Hello Kitty fan, this place is for you. I am not sure of how long it will be in this location, unfortunately.

Home Decor Inspirations

Handpainted Lucerne Pie Dish $25, Brass Mirror Shelf $38, Raised Bloom Measuring Cups $25, and Lourdes Throw $98

Reclaimed Wood Bar Stool $142, Pulley Wall Light $125, and Platform Bed Frame $1,575

Organic Diamond Stripe Duvet $129 and Ladder Shelf Desk $777

I have been loving all things home decor as of late and a part of me feels like it stems from the want/need/urgency to move out and find a place to call my own. Here are a few things that I thought were really eye-catching and some I hope to make to save a bit of money for other renovations or future home purchases!

DIY Laced-Up Shirt

I do not remember which video it was, but a YouTuber was wearing a graphic tee that was cut down the center and laced up. I tried to look up a place to buy it when I came across a $70 price tag for one. A little taken back by the cost of a graphic tee, I decided to head to my local Savers Thrift Store and nabbed this graphic tee for $1. Luckily, I already had bias tape in my possession, but I needed to buy eyelets and satin ribbon for the remainder of the project.

I tried on the top and marked where I wanted the point to end on my body. After I had done that, I drew with a gel pen (I suggest using chalk, but I was lazy) and proceeded to cut out the triangle. Originally, I left the neckline, but I decided to cut it off because it did not look as good with the structure of the ribbon when it is tied into a bow.

I sewed on the bias tape making sure to get to the point and move upwards. The difficulty of doing it this way is that there are now three layers to snip through in order to push the eyelets through. Once you get those through, you can proceed to lace up your was-then t-shirt now laced-up tunic/t-shirt dress! Voilà!

Pig Riders Club

Top (boy's shirt in L): Target (not available online)
Skirt: Forever21

Yet another Minecraft t-shirt, but this one is a fun one. If you are into Minecraft, there is a story mode version of the open world based block game that you can play on Steam. Without spoiling anything, this t-shirt is related to Minecraft story mode. Much like all of the other Minecraft shirts sold at Target, it is made of great quality, soft fabric.

Review: Sharetea

3940 S Bristol Street
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Cindy loves her drinks and she especially loves trying out places that serves drinks late into the evening. A day after its grand opening, Cindy and I decided to pay Sharetea a visit at their newest location just minutes before they closed up for the evening. Don't worry, we did call in to ask if it was okay to stop by - we're not that big of jerks. We walked in and were greeted by two lovely employees who helped us better understand their brand's concept.

When you order a drink you can choose how much ice you want (which is a huge plus since a lot of tea places put way too much ice into your drink, therefore resulting in less of the tea itself) as well as how sweet you want it. Now I don't know about you guys, but any fruity drink is usually pretty sweet so I cannot even imagine anyone who orders one with 100% sweetness.

I ordered my drink without any additional sweetness and it turned out really good. To keep their concept fairly simple, all the drinks come in one size. Overall, I like this place so I am giving it a solid 4/5.

Summer Wrap-Up ft. Farfetch x

It almost feels as though summer has flown on by and I could not be happier of all the things that I have been able to cross off my list of things to accomplish throughout this time. On my list were a number of designs that I wanted to make and I cannot begin to express my utmost joy being able to complete most if not all of them. Farfetch, one of the leading e-commerce retailers offering over 400 fashion boutiques, has invited me to share my top five tracks that sums up my summer 2016 along with my favorite go-to fashion items to commemorate their current collaboration with and his release of his stylish wireless bluetooth headphones, EPs.

// My Top 5 Summer Tracks

Because I spent most of my summer completing my projects, I needed songs that would get me amped to work through the production process. Rihanna’s Higher is a song that is mellow enough to start off my day.’s Boys & Girls is my go-to car song as I blast it with my windows down and soak up California’s summer sun. Childish Gambino’s Sober gives me all sorts of beachy vibes. Ariana Grande’s Everyday and Thinking Bout You is reminiscent of any summer romances and unforgettable evenings of rendezvous.

Two-piece ensembles are so easy to dress up and dress down because of their versatility in becoming separates. I like to pair my striped looks with neutral accessories such as a wrist watch and simple long dainty necklace with a pair of heels to allow the striped pattern to make a statement for themselves. On the flip-side, I really enjoy comfortable looks as well. I created a laced-up top turned tunic/dress from a graphic tee. I like pairing this with bold accessories and thigh high boots for an easy go-to outfit to run quick errands in or out and about with friends. Because I made these looks, I decided to go ahead and link similar styles that you can pick up from Farfetch below!

// Get My Look On Farfetch

// What's your summer theme song?

I'm always on the look out for new songs to listen to so do share them down below in the comments!

* This post is in collaboration with Farfetch. I do not make commission off of items that are linked above and was not paid to promote such items. I just wanted to share a bit of my summer with you!

Wander Lust: Brighton, United Kingdom PT. VII

Photography: Rhys