What I've Made

Saturday, June 08, 2013

{ All clothing shown are sewn by me }

I am constantly asked why I never wear the stuff that I make and to be honest it's because they are made specifically to fit our mannequins back when I was in school. With that being said, I had always wished I was able to fit into the stuff that I have made, haha. I realized after going through old photos, I never really did show you what I made while I was in school. There are far more other things that I have done, but will never get an opportunity to show up on my blog purely because they have never been photographed. Hopefully one day I'll get them photographed so that you can see the stuff I've done.

I apologize for my inconsistent posts these days. I've been swamped with work at my new internship and with my graduation ceremony and senior fashion show coming up next week, my mind has been running 24/7 with absolutely no time to sleep. I promise I'll show photos of my senior collection as soon as the fashion show is over. A lot of you have asked about this mysterious collection of mine and I will reveal the theme of it right now: Bridal wear. Stay tuned for more photos after the event!

If you haven't seen my past fashion show look that I made, click here to see it now!
A huge thank you to Katherine Bree Walker for the photographs with the model.