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Thursday, December 12, 2013

A while back ago, I posted the first photo on my Instagram. The reaction that I got from posting up that image was something that I did not expect: hate. I instantly thought, Well why are these people getting so upset over me posting this image? Was it the way that I phrased my caption? Was it because the focal point is my watch? What was it? It did not occur to me that there are people who do get upset when you take photographs of something expensive. Why? It might be out of envy or they think that you are being a spoiled brat for flaunting it. I get that not everyone can afford luxuries in this world, but if you cannot afford them, why would you go around telling others off for being able to spend their money the way that they want to?

This does not just apply to the internet world either. In fact, I recall an incident where I wore this same exact watch (I do not own designer things, and this so happens to be the only expensive thing that I own) to South Coast Plaza. I passed by the Rolex store and took a look at their Yacht-Master watches to see if there was any difference between the one on display and the one on my wrist. As a disclaimer, I know nothing about Rolex watches. This was a gift to me by my parents for graduating from college and technically it was a hand-me-down from my younger brother as he felt like he did not want it. As I was comparing my watch to the one on display, a man came up next to me and told me that I should just "buy the real deal" as though my watch was fake.

Is it because I am too young to have such an expensive item? Who has the right to judge what I can and cannot have? It is a shame that we constantly fight with individuals who have something that we do not have or that we feel like they have no right to have what it is that they have. Rather than being happy for the individual, we feel the need to be aggressive towards them. We all come from different circumstances and are all constantly fighting a battle. Do not judge someone based on what they wear, what they bu- actually. Forget that last line. Do not judge anyone. Period. And if you do come across someone who does judge you, shake it off. Be cool and just be you.

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