DIY Laced-Up Shirt

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

I do not remember which video it was, but a YouTuber was wearing a graphic tee that was cut down the center and laced up. I tried to look up a place to buy it when I came across a $70 price tag for one. A little taken back by the cost of a graphic tee, I decided to head to my local Savers Thrift Store and nabbed this graphic tee for $1. Luckily, I already had bias tape in my possession, but I needed to buy eyelets and satin ribbon for the remainder of the project.

I tried on the top and marked where I wanted the point to end on my body. After I had done that, I drew with a gel pen (I suggest using chalk, but I was lazy) and proceeded to cut out the triangle. Originally, I left the neckline, but I decided to cut it off because it did not look as good with the structure of the ribbon when it is tied into a bow.

I sewed on the bias tape making sure to get to the point and move upwards. The difficulty of doing it this way is that there are now three layers to snip through in order to push the eyelets through. Once you get those through, you can proceed to lace up your was-then t-shirt now laced-up tunic/t-shirt dress! VoilĂ !

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