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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Dress: Forever21 (Thrifted)

For the longest time, I never really understood what was my style. As far as I am concerned, I spent a lot of my youth wearing dark colors because it made me look a lot slimmer. I battled eating disorders because of the constant criticism I had for being "too fat" and that I needed to exercise to lose weight. There are some truths to that, of course. For one, I am much heavier for my height than I am supposed to be, but no matter how many times I have expressed these sentiments to a doctor, they always tell me that my bones are just that big. Even if I were to drop all the weight, I would still weigh quite a bit.

But because of how conscious I was with the way that I looked, I never gravitated towards buying things in color. It was not until I picked up a part-time job as a sales support associate at J.Crew that I realized I do look good in color.

I was refolding stacks of cashmere sweaters by the registers when a regular customer came in. She works as a personal stylist and came in to see our new arrivals. As I was about to wrap up the last of the sweaters, she walked up to me and said, "You'd look great in that. Just fab." I must have given her a really confused facial expression because she followed up with, "I mean, with your skin tone and hair color - royal colors really look beautiful on you. Honestly! Go try this on!" My manager overheard our conversation and she entertained the thought by letting me try on the sweater.

I gave myself one good look before walking out and both my manager and the customer just nodded their heads in unison. Besides the awesome employee discounts, that was one of the more life-changing experiences I had while working at J.Crew.

Fast forward a couple of years and my closet slowly transitioned itself away from just neutral colors. I was more confident in wearing color and experimented more with different silhouettes. Am I still self-conscious about the stuff I wear? Of course, but I do not let it eat away at my confidence like I did in the past. This was one of my favorite pieces that I purchased at a local Saver's back when I lived in California.

Unfortunately, it was in my luggage that had gotten stolen during my move to Chicago (that's a long story and we can save that for another time). At least now I can look back and say yeah, I do look good in red.

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